How do you depart this world? How do you leave your mark?

My attribute To Mrs Thatcher? It Takes an Iron Woman To Help Tare Down A Wall! Linda diana

Anita Salhotra

Philosophical title yes, but perfectly acceptable. Why do I ask these questions in my latest post, you may be wondering? Consider this. Sir Robert Geoffery Edwards was the brain behind developing in vitro fertilisation, or to the layman, IVF. As I read about his passing away, it dawned on me a few days later, what his work meant for those couples, who after continuous attempts to conceive, found hope with IVF. As such they fulfilled that dream of having achild in their arms and to begin a family in its truest sense. Have a read of this article by Simon Jenkins :

What particularly stood out for me whilst I read this were the following words:

Science is always claiming wealth, convenience and security. It too rarely claims joy.

It is good to remember a scientist “who just wanted to help”. The result has been 5…

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